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"For all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose."

                                                     -Romans 8:28

    Prolific Author, Mary Lee Vance, who is also a relationship coach,motivational speaker, and radio personality on WIGO 1570 AM, has written a transformational book in regards to dating. It's titled, Fleshly Date or Godly Mate. Mary is on a mission to impact the lives of single women around the world who desire to be married. Mary's book uses her personal experiences of the different types of men she dated before marriage and how she had to fight back to gain her self-esteem, value, and had understand the favor she carried. Her book helps women who are lost and confused in their singleness understand the true power that is inside of her.

Fleshly Date or Godly Mate

Have you been praying over and over, asking God why you have not been able to meet the man of your dreams? I wrote this book because I once was a very broken woman seeking attention and love in the wrong places. I was desperate to find a husband but didn’t truly love myself the way God loves me. I let my flesh dictate my relationships before consulting God. This book is for you if you desire a husband and/or currently engaged to alert you where you currently are and the path you should take. This book will help you change and serve as a reminder that if a Man describes you as anything less than a child of the Most High King, he is not worth your time or your heart.

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